How I Changed with Muscle Food

I always wanted to be a cheerleader in my school but just because of my weight I was never able to be on the team. I still remember, when I first expressed my desire to a bunch of girls from my class, that I wanted to be a cheerleader, they made fun of me and I was broken. They all were running in the hallways after me and calling me names. I lost hope and I never expressed to people what I wanted to be. I made studies my priority and I started getting better results and I was always on the top. However, being slim and smart had always been a dream and this dream was fulfilled with the help of muscle food discount codes.

When I got to University, I was approached by a guy and we became friends. After a couple of months, he told me that he liked me and wanted to date me. At first, I thought he must be joking but no way, he was damns serious. HE blew my mind because I could not believe why a guy like him, who was so popular amongst the girls would want to date me. He kept telling me how unimportant my weight was, and it was my soul that mattered and my kindness. I was in the seventh sky and I said yes to him. Not linger, people started to make fun of how odd we both looked and how ugly I was. Some even said he was with me out of pity. But then I got to learn about Muscle Food Discount Code offers and I started taking their diet plans.

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My boyfriend kept telling me it was all rubbish and I should not be bothered by what others are telling me but I could not ignore the facts. Anyway, I decided to not be bothered but then another nightmare happened and I was diagnosed with PCOS. When I went to the gynecologist, I was told my weight has been the reason behind it and it does not lose weight my PCOs would get worse and I will have a problem in conceiving a child in the future. I was shattered to know this and my health was falling apart too so I decided to take a semester off from the university and focus on my health. I told my boyfriend he could break up with me but instead, he stood by my side and introduced me to healthy diet plans through muscle food discount code UK.

I started working out and I joined swimming classes too. And along with that I started following the diet plan regularly. Slowly and gradually my weight started to get balanced and then I was losing weight every week. After an effort of six months, I lost around 40 pounds and I was nearly unrecognizable. When I went back to the University and I was seen walking with my boyfriend, everyone thought I was his new girlfriend because I had changed. People started approaching me and it made me realize how fake the world is and in the world of fake people, it is hard to find the right people. If you also are trying to lose or gain weight you can get your diet plans through £20 off muscle food or you can get various muscle food discount codes. 

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